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First thing's first: Policy. I'm not particularly fussy about what you do with my downloads, so this is a fairly standard ToS.

1. If you upload them with a Sim/Lot, give me credit, please.
2. Don't upload them exactly the way I have them and claim them as your own.
3. Don't use them in anything that's going on a pay site. (Optional donations or banner ads are fine., subscriptions, and donor-only items/donor "gifts" anywhere on the site, even if it's not what you're uploading, aren't OK.) Especially no TSR.

If you use my swatches of other peoples' color palettes, they get the credit, not me. All I did was take samples so that people without Photoshop can use them.

If you have questions, feel free to ask. If your English isn't so good, I also speak French. (I also speak a bit of German, but your English is probably way better than my German.)

Now that we've got that out of the way...the obligatory "About Me" and Q&A section.

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Current To-Do List:

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Have you ever had a Sim you wanted to have a normal eye color for genetic reasons go blind for story reasons? Problem solved. The first part of this download is CuriousB's Snow Blind eyes as multi-layerable contacts, binned under costume makeup. This is unisex and all-ages.

The other half of this download is more of a niche item. It's the teeth from Trapping's Benghalis skin edits/recolors also as multi-wearable full-face makeup. Bottom teeth are, of course, meshed to top teeth, so there's no avoiding the way the bottom teeth look. I primarily made these for goblins in a fantasy game, but in the real world, some Pigmy tribes actually do file their teeth to points. There are two files for this part because Sim toddlers have have less teeth than children, teens, adults, and elders. The toddlers have their own unisex version, and C-E unisex are shared in the other file. As costume makeup, they don't change the mesh for the teeth, obviously, They use an "inside of mouth" color to give the illusion of pointed teeth, still on the square mesh, just the same as a missing tooth teethmask would work, so you may be able to spot this at very, very close range. But for most purposes, that shouldn't be a problem.

Both are shown on the Sim above with a Fable: The Lost Chapters tattoo I converted and a lipstick recolor I made. Those are not included.

Picture Credits
Skin and Face - Pooklet
Brows - Trapping
Lipstick, Hair, Shirt, and Face Tattoos - Me
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What are non-default faces? They're face templates that don't replace one of the original Maxis 27 faces in your game. Will they spawn on NPCs? Absolutely. Is there a limit to how many you can have? Unknown. There really aren't that many non-defaults out there right now, so, while I'm inclined to believe that the only limit is what your computer can handle. I know that all of them showed up at the same time in BodyShop on my computer. I know that all of them work in all ages and that they don't cause crashes, at least in my game. As for why anyone would want 48 non-default face templates...I play a game with a 55 skintone set, a 92 eye color set (not counting the 7 alien eyes), and a few hundred Pookleted hairs (as in a few hundred meshes...), all in 16 naturals and 4 grays. Does that explain it? As for which sets these match, the set I started with is Pooklet's We've Got Obsessions (no picture available, but they can still be downloaded from Pooklet's archive), though they should also match Trapping's Permanent Features. As for why the previews are BodyShop, Dominiquex set the precedent there.

There are a few things I can't promise, though... When they do spawn on NPCs, they won't spawn at an accurate height, of course. In other words, if you want your Pigmys to actually be Pigmys, you'll have to use the stretchskeleton cheat. They also won't necessarily spawn with accurate skin, hair, and eye colors. In other words, you might end up with freckled, red-haired, green-eyed African types spawning in your game. I also can't promise that they'll breed well. When Sims have a baby, they don't go halfway between mommy's features and daddy's features. They get one Sim's forehead, another Sim's nose, etc. Drastically different cheekbones, especially, tend to cause odd-looking children, and this group of templates has very, very different features across the range, cheekbones included. That's just a limitation on the game itself. The other thing non-defaults fail to do is catalog their individual features, so I'm terribly sorry if you want to put the nose from "Central African" and the lips from "Melanesian" on the same Sim. Again, this is the game itself.

There are two extra notes of policy for these:
1. If you're going to do something explicitly racist or derogatory, I'd prefer that you didn't use them or, at least, don't link me to whatever you're doing. I do not support racist use of these. (Historically accurate or educational? Sure. Defamatory? Absolutely not.)
2. If you want to turn these non-defaults into defaults, be my guest. I will not be making any default faces of these or any others, so you're free to take these non-defaults (or any Sim I share for download, really) and turn them into a default face template, but please do give credit.

Disclaimer: I based these off of types listed in a book on drawing and tweaked them using photographs of people from those regions. They're not necessarily "pretty" and certainly aren't perfect. They're meant to be archetypes, not chariactures, and I've gone out of my way to try to make them accurate and not offensive. That said, I'm terribly sorry if you're offended by something (including my lack of visual arts skills) or if the [insert type here] doesn't look like your [insert relative here] from [insert place here]. All humans exist on a range of features, skintones, eye colors, hair colors, etc. Face templates are a starting point, not a be-all and end-all of a particular group of people, and I'm not trying to imply that all people from a particular area look exactly alike. (An example of this would be that my maternal grandfather's family, my husband's father's family, and the family of the violin teacher I had as a child all came from the same ethnic fact, from the same small area of one country, yet none of these individuals not related by blood look remotely alike, despite all of them having features that are present in the archetype.)

As for why a certain group is not present, the groups not covered, such as "white American" and "black American" tend to have ancestry that's mixed between types that are listed and tend to have features that are virtually impossible to pin down as anything other than broad generalizations, such as "the average of all of the types present in the countries of origin common to that area." In other words, your defaults should cover them, as they're generalized. If you're curious as to why there's a historic type included alongside the modern type from the same area, I play a medieval game. The historic type is accurate to the period I play.

Yes, I know the term "Pigmy" isn't politically correct, but the trouble is that there's no other term that encompasses all of the groups of that type. The same goes for "Mongoloid," except, in that case, the other possible term, Asian, includes several other types as well. I've mostly used the terms that the drawing book I referenced used. (I swapped "Irano-Afghani" for "Persian" because it was close in meaning, not horribly offensive, and didn't include a hyphen, which could have messed things up in BodyShop...I wasn't sure.) And yes, I did have to lighten the skin tones of a couple of the types that tend toward the very darkest skintones so that you could see the features clearly. That's BodyShop lighting and a need to actually know what you're downloading, not me trying to impose a western beauty ideal or something. I also realize that some countries don't recognize certain areas as countries (Israel, Palestine, Tibet, and Kosovo, for example), while others do. That said, they're part of geography.

I've also tried to be as culturally sensitive as possible when taking preview pictures while still allowing you to see the entire face of the Sim in question. In other words, the types that are native to majority-Muslim countries have men with beards, but not meshed beards, so you can see the chin shape clearly, and the women of the same archetypes are wearing the clubkitty hijab and non-revealing clothing. On the other hand, there are some groups (in particular, the Ainu, the Inuit up until very recently, and some Polynesians) that practice facial tattooing, and some African types have ritual scarification traditions. I haven't tried to represent those because either accurate CC doesn't exist or they would obscure the features too much to get an accurate preview. In the case of the teeth filing done by Pygmies, the previews are mouth-closed, though I did make a toothmask version of Trapping's pointy teeth that can be used for the purpose. The Asian types are shown without eyelid masks. This is mostly to show the actual shape that those hide, but if you're intending to use them, you'll likely want to find a set that matches your skinset of choice. Maxis eyebrows were used for much the same reason.

I'm sorry that was so long. It was just too important to put behind a cut.

And yes, I really will laugh at complaints about racism or sexism, and I'll probably fall off my chair laughing if you try to claim homophobia from these simply because I included a group that tends to have a religion that doesn't approve of homosexuality or something. I've gone out of my way to be as accurate and as sensitive as I could be when making these, and I've included a disclaimer for a reason. If people can't be mature about them, I will not hesitate take them down, though I'll likely continue to share them by request.

If you're wondering how long it took to make these... I got the idea for the project in the summer of 2011. I had to completely fail twice, once in the 2011 and once in 2012, before I was able to actually make these work. I started work on them in June 2013, and I finished in early March 2014, a week shy of nine months later. As for how long it took to make each template, once I got the hang of it, the SimPE work took under an hour, but actually making each face took a lot longer. Some types seemed to fly by, but others, especially the first few African types, gave me no end of trouble. (I'm just monumentally bad at making accurate African noses.)

Design Credits:
Pooklet, for the templates that provided a springboard.
Dominiquex, for the tutorial I used for the SimPE work.
Joumana Medlej, for her "Drawing People" ebook that provided the research necessary to make these.

Preview Credits:
Hair - Almighty Hat (and one by me, on female AustroAboriginal)
Eyes - CuriousB
Skin - Pooklet
All clothing shown in the previews is Maxis.

African types... )

American types... )

Asian types... )

European types... )

Indian types... )

Middle Eastern and North African types... )

Pacific Island types... )
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This Sim was made for the February 2014 GoS Sim Challenge. "Delirium" struck me as a perfect excuse to make obnoxiously bright rainbow half-shaved hair and a fandom sim for Neil Gaiman's Sandman. If anyone's thinking "vintage GoS," that's the idea.

"Delirium was once Delight. And although that was long ago now, even today her eyes are badly matched; one eye is a vivid emerald green, spattered with silver flecks that move; her other eye is vein blue. Who knows what Delirium sees, through her mismatched eyes?" - Sandman #21: "Season of Mists"

Two More Pix Beneath the Cut... )
Clean Installer List


The age you get is teen, by the way. She did make a cute kid too, though, so I just had to... Her eyes will probably look different in your game. The green is the "normal," and the blue is a texture-referencing contact accessory, so they'll show as Maxis or whatever you have for defaults in green and light blue.

In-game, I set her personality as Neatness 0, Playful 10, and everything else 5 and her turn ons as custom hair and creativity, with logic as her turnoff.

Eyes - CuriousB
Mismatch - HP Default-referencing on a GeneralZoi mesh.
Clothing - Dustfinger Y2T conversion of the Uni Punk outfit.
Lips - Me (Nymphy's alpha with Aelia's color)
Hair - Me (Gradient and streaked recolor of Trapping's edit of a Newsea hair.)

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Fair warning, including the meshes, it's over 1700 files. The .rar is huge, even with everything inside it compressorized. If you can't actually download it because of the size, let me know, and I'll break it up for you and reupload it. All meshes are included, but please read the instructions under "Sod it All!" carefully.

Set Previews and Descriptions beneath the cut... )
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Last summer, Cynnix separated the Free Time and Apartment Life Bohemian Skirt from its top and changed the shoes. The only thing is...she only made one color. Almost immediately, I knew I had to make some copy paste recolors with the original Free Time and Apartment Life textures. they are. Cynnix did four shoe options: Maxis' sandals, Amaryll's flats, sexyfeet and turnshoes. Well...I never use sandals, and I don't really care for the texture on the turnshoes, so you get sexyfeet and flats. The top on Cynnix's mesh is also quite high, so I made an alpha edited version with the lower waistband seen on the original Maxis outfit. (These are marked "Alpha" in the filenames.) No, I didn't forget the yellow and dark blue with the high waist. That's Cynnix's original texture, which you can get here.
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Gwenke at GoS requested the Basegame flypigtails and highpony pookleted so they could make defaults. I did Melodie9's All Ages version, so you can use them for your wee ones as well. The flypigtails came out better than the highpony, in my opinion, but I wash my hands of the whole thing. (The textures were stretched in some places, darkened or reduced contrast in others to make it look halfway OK. The highlight is a little far back on the highpony, and the textures ended up a little crunchier on the recolors of that one.)

Additional Bodyshop Preview

Download Flypigtails Download Highpony

They come in all 16 Pooklet naturals, elders go gray. Because I wasn't sure which files Gwenke needed for blond, red, and gray, they're binned and familied, but all ages have their own gray.

Lots of credit goes to Almighty Hat because I tore apart a couple of her recolors of other melodie9 basegame age conversions in order to make these. I don't see a reason to reinvent the wheel. (Maxis hairs are a beast to retexture because of the curved mapping.) I wasn't sure which blond and red you'd need or which gray you wanted, so all files have the gray linked. They're binned, familied, and compressoirized.

As a sidenote, you can thank World of Warcraft for the fact that I wanted to take this request. I've been hoping someone would make a Pookleted version of the flypigtails ever since I started playing WoW because they look so much like the WoW Goblin style "Curly Cute." This is  my WoW main, a goblin warrior. (I specialize in goblins.) Yes, I've been using her as my avatar lately.

Picture Credits
Skin - Pooklet
Eyes - CuriousB
Lips - Mine (CuriousB's color on Nymphy's alpha)
Clothing - Maxis
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These two were made for the TS2 February 2014 Sim Challenge at GoS. I chose to do two prompts, Paragon and Sentinel.

I gave myself a little bit of an extra challenge:
  • I explicitly wanted to make brothers.
  • I wanted to make adult sims who didn't look too young by using aging makeup and gray or partially gray hair.
  • I wanted to use the color purple because it's severely lacking in my game as a whole. (And because that gave me the best match out of the four options shared between the two clothing sets. The blues and greens were just too different, and the reds...I decided against red because I use it too often anyway.)


More info and pictures beneath the cut... )

They're available to download in one .rar file with a bonus outfit, which is a retexture/recolor of Skell's Euro Santa outfit fix for AM in Aelia's Purple Haze, as seen in the last picture, because I've been dragging my feet about getting those recolors posted. Asfrith comes with his staff, but Hallmund does not come with his shield or hammer. They're both wearing a ring that's binned as JEWELRY, so you will need Bon Voyage for them to appear correctly.

View Asfrith's CC List View Hallmund's CC List

Download Both Brothers
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This is a recolor of two of the Enayla skintone details I converted to costume makeup earlier this month, recolored to match Pooklet's Kids in Technicolor. They are very, very subtle. The man above is wearing Galaxies, and the woman is wearing Serpent.
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Last June, PieSims on MTS made a couple of Maxis Match beards based on actual Maxis beard meshes. Sadly, they were made four months after Almighty Hat's beard dump, so they weren't Pookleted with all of those lovely beards.

Double extra special thanks go out to Almighty Hat on this one. I stole her version of Pooklet's v3 texture in Volatile off of her recolor was either the unlocked basegame thick beard or the basegame full beard. (They use the same texture.) She says FantasyRogue did the base of it. Almighty Hat also helped me get them to export when they were being finicky and suggested using v3 instead of my usual v1 because v3 is coarse enough to handle facial hair properly. Without her help, this wouldn't have been possible, and, even if it was possible, it would have looked like crap if I was left to my own devices. That said, the v3s don't quite match the v1s. The tones are slightly different.

They're binned and compressed. Elders go gray. (There is also a custom Time Bomb available.) Meshes are included. Like all meshed beards, they're adult and elder male only. The meshes are very primative. They don't have morphs, so they don't move with Sims' faces.

Picture Credits
Skins - Pooklet
Eyes - CuriousB
Hair - Me (Blond) and Almighty Hat (Gray)
Clothing - Almighty Hat
Faces - Pooklet and Alfred Askew (I blended Cyclops with a Pooklet template to match the aesthetic of my game.)
Makeup - SS (That's all the tooltip says on the scar)

Yes, the gray-haired Sim turned out looking a lot like Odin, but the blond Sim, who was made first, is not Thor. (If he was, I would have used one of the bodybuilder shapes and red hair.)
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Download Female Download Male

The only set I saw of this hair with Pooklet's Naturals was from before there were sixteen naturals. I evened out the male and female alphas and retextured it in Pooklet's v1 textures in all sixteen natural colors. The back does sit a bit strangely, especially in the younger ages, but it's really, really swishy. Binned, familied, compressorized, mesh included, elders go gray (including Hat's Smoke Bomb).

Picture Credits
Skins - Pooklet
Eyes - CuriousB
Clothing - Almighty Hat
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The first hair I ever Pookleted was Nouk's Jessica. I did it ages ago, and I never shared it. The second hair I ever Pookleted was XM 84. I did it ages ago, and I never shared it. Seeing a pattern? Well, since then, I've learned a few things. I just happen to adore the black velvet ribbon from some colors of Nouk's Jessica hair, so I used that ribbon on all three hairs and all colors.

Lidiqnata Drew - All ages, Pooklet's V1 Textures, comes in a plain version and one with the fringe.
Nouk Jessica - T-E, Nouk's original textures.
XM84 - T-A, Nymphy's textures (plus Pooklet v1 on one Fringe alpha), comes in three alphas: One with XM's original long fringe, one with Nymphy's shorter fringe, and one with no fringe.

All files are Binned and Compressorized. Elders Go Gray. Colors are Pooklet's, plus Hat's Smoke Bomb. The Drew recolors wouldn't go through the Easy Binner, so, while they are binned, they aren't familied, and each file has its own elder gray. The other two hairs are familied with grays linked to black.

Picture Credits:
Skins - Pooklet
Eyes - CuriousB
Clothing - Almighty Hat
Makeup - Me (using CuriousB's colors and Nymphy's alpha)
All Walls, Furniture, Windows, and Trees - Maxis

Song the Name Comes From
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The previews above are Orchid (L) and Pearl (R). Additional Bodyshop Preview of Guilt on Very Light and Very Dark Skintones. Included are the face details from Ashes, Amethyst, Diamond, Fiend, Galaxies, Gloom, Glory, Grey, Guilt, Incubi, Ivy, Moonstone, Moss, Nymph, Orchid, Pearl, Royal, Ruby, Sapphire, Serpent, Snow, Soot, Steel, and Winter. The majority of them will work on a wide range of skintones, as shown in the guilt preview, but a few look chalky on extremely dark or light tones. Generally speaking, most look best on tones close to Enayla's originals. Those with gemstones more closely resemble masks, while the rest look more like tattoos, scars, or makeup. The reason for this is that the gemstones need to be fully opaque to look good, while the rest tend to have fuzzy edges and look best on a wider range at a slightly lower opacity. Galaxies and Serpent were reduced somewhat from their full size on the original skins to make them more usable as scales for aliens. All of them are usable by all ages and both genders

Picture Credits:
Hair - Almighty Hat and me
Skins - Pooklet
Eyes - CuriousB
Clothing - Almighty Hat
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So...I really love Newsea Wild Soul...but I really, really hate the bright blue headwrap that came with it because it doesn't go with anything my Sims wear. Basically, I slapped a cloth texture onto it instead. I used colors by CuriousB and Aelia for the scarf. It comes in three alphas. Long is Newsea's original alpha. Medium is Remi's alpha. and Short is my alpha.

All of Pooklet's Naturals + Time Bomb Custom
Remi's Waves
Elders go Gray
Binned and Familied

Picture Credits:
Skins - Pooklet
Eyes - CuriousB
Makeup - me (alpha by Nymphy, colors by LavSM and CuriousB)
Clothing - Almighty Hat
Props - Maxis
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I promised I'd do at least one set of Plantsim hairs this month for the GoS theme. Canadian Plantsims, rejoice, for I've done maple...

Just like the Holly hairs from last month's GoS theme, these are not defaults. They're in the custom bin, require Seasons for the mesh, don't have a wilt state, and require this mod if you want to use them on actual plantsims. They work for P & Y-E, just like plantsims.

There are five hairs in four colors. Why? See that pic with the two toddlers? The red, green, and orange hairs each have one toddler type, but the yellow hair has two different toddler versions. One has maple leaves like the rest, and the other is a sunflower.

I should probably warn you that the yellow and orange hairs are very, very bright. Despite the fact that I made them from photographs of leaves, the yellow matches Pooklet's Nuclear, and the orange matches C-3. The red is a little darker than Pooklet's Flammable, but it isn't nearly as eye-searing as the yellow and orange. If you really hate bright colors, stick to the green.

Also...the little berry things on top...on red and green, they're straight recolors, while the ones on yellow and orange were recycled from last month's holly leaves. The yellow and orange also have transitional two-toned leaves sticking out of the top. I couldn't get a good preview, as the Sims wearing them decided to pull funny faces on me...but it's the same leaf on both, which ought to tell you how bright it is.

Picture Credits:
Skins - Pooklet
Plantsim Features - Almighty Hat
Eyes - CuriousB
Antlers - Trapping
Makeup - ZombieJill (eyeblush), van_squirgle (Dalish tattoos), Nymphy (for a lipstick alpha I stole and slapped earthtones on)
Clothing - Cocomama, Almighty Hat, and Skell

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I bring you...Plantsim Hair.
I made these for the GoS "Holidays and Celebrations" theme. I should have done a bunch of these back when "Naturally Nature" was the theme on GoS, but I don't have Tumblr, and GoS went down before I got the you get them now instead.

Works for P & Y-E (the same ages as plantsims), both genders.
Toddlers have smooth leaves. Adults have dark, pointed leaves. Elders have variegated leaves.
Requires Seasons.
Non-Default. (Custom Bin)
Requires this mod if you want it on actual plantsims.

Picture Credits:
Skins - Pooklet
Plantsim Features - Almighty Hat
Eyes - CuriousB
Antlers - Trapping
Makeup - ZombieJill (eyeblush), van_squirgle (Dalish tattoos), Nymphy (for a lipstick alpha I stole and slapped earthtones on)
Clothing - Cocomama, Almighty Hat, and Skell

I'd also like to thank Almighty Hat for putting up with my stupid questions, CuriousB for approving of the idea of plantsim hairs for this theme, and Miros for expressing excitement at the idea of holly plantsim hair. Yes, that's what actually pushed me to finish it tonight.

And for those who have heard me talk about my plantsims being an antlered priest class before...this is what they look like. If anyone really wants me to, I can build a few and ship them off as individual Sims.
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I'm in the middle of a huge, huge project that really prevents me from going in-game to take preview pictures, but I really, really wanted to make something for the July 2013 GoS monthly theme (Historic), since I've been hoping for it (or something like it) to come up for ages. So I figured I'd give everybody some walls that could be useful for historical and rural buildings.

I took Goat's Sergeant wood (chosen over the others for it's knottiness), shrank it, and overlayed it with Maxis' Advanced Clapboard to turn it into siding. Then I recolored it oodles of times...and I do mean oodles. This set includes Pooklet's naturals and grays (plus Hat's Smoke Bomb), Aelia's Eco Naturals and Lonesome sets and select other Aelia colors, iCad's woods, shadofell's Wild Wood, Io's colors, Digital Angels' colors, and some of CuriousB's Any Color You Like. Most of these are either wood tones, charred wood tones, mossy wood tones, or weathered wood tones with a small amount of white, yellow, and red. In other words, paint colors common in the early-mid 1800s. There are 125 walls in total. The in-game name is "New Hampshire Clapboard." They cost 5 simoleons and are categorized under "Siding."

So what's behind the strange name of the set? When I was in high school, I had a history teacher who grew up in New Hampshire in the 1930s. When he was a child, he was given the stereotypical kindergarten assignment to draw a picture of a house. He used a blue crayon. His teacher called him stupid and told him that there were no blue houses in New Hampshire. While this is no longer true, I thought it would be a good name for the set.
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For the 4th of July, have a pair of streaked custom hairs. On the left, we have Peggy's bun knots, and on the right we have Newsea's Lollipop. Both are P-E and in the custom bin, compressorized, meshes included.
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Download Male Naturals

Download Male Unnaturals

Download Female Naturals

Download Female Unnaturals

Meshes - Plicka and Nouk
Colors - Pooklet
Alphas - ZeroDark
Other - The color under the shave was extracted from Almighty Hat's Shorn hairs for the naturals.

Both meshes are T-E. Meshes included. Compressorized. Naturals are binned and familied. Elders go gray in the naturals, but keep their color in the unnaturals. (I use half-shaved hair and mohawks for "tribal" hairs, hence why elders go gray.) Pooklet's original unnaturals (Time Bomb through TNT) are all included, as are nine of the v3.5 colors (new torpedo, plus tetryl, pentolite, powdercake, fluorophore, hydrazine, pyrodex, semtex, and firework).

The name is from that one male troll joke that was removed from World of Warcraft... "I kill two dwarves in the mornin'. I kill two dwarves at night. I kill two dwarves in the afternoon, and then I feel alright. I kill two dwarves in time of peace and two in time of war. I kill two dwarves before I kill two dwarves, and then I kill two more." Why? Because these hairs seriously remind me of some of the troll hairs, particularly in certain unnatural hues.

Preview is, again, courtesy of Alfred Askew, who was kind enough to save my butt and do two separate pix for me in time for the end of the June 2013 monthly theme at GoS. Seriously, Alfred Askew is a saint.
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Not much to say,'s a single recolor of the Nightlife club kimono done in red and black with cherry blossoms made from brushes I found on DeviantART. It obviously requires Nightlife.

The picture is courtesy of the lovely Alfred Askew. Thanks so much!


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